Nov 032013
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As said before that was pretty surprised today that there is two new fresh face on the Playboy same day, well here is the third, well cant remember that there would com entire three new fresh faces on a same day, but now it have happened anyway… or they just have piled up and it just happened that they came out of the closet same day! Would be damn great if things like this would happen more often, so that we would not need to see same and same model over and over again… it is like with the movies, we get bored of the same actors all the time, well only if we have a favourite one, then it is ok to see him or her in all the possible places. Anyway here she is to spice things up!

What goes for this girl, she comes from the Canada and is an blonde with an green eyes. The questions in the boob side can be closed pretty fast, as we all can see that those boobs are enhanced and do not need to be an genius to spot that up. In this set she is wearing pretty nice looking lingerie… well more than nice… sexy ass hell! Gotta note that sure she is really beautiful woman and it is pleasure to watch at her face or the breasts, but there is one spot in her that steal the attention right away… omg what an perfect ass this babe have, gotta be one of the hottest asses added today. It is not every day that you can spot an butt like that and especially in the lingerie like this. As she says that her dream was to become an playmate, well this dream have came true… no wonder with the looks like this!

Pictures From The Playboy Magazine

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