Oct 172013
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Biography Information: Have been born in the Manchester, United Kingdom 1992 and is an British glamour model. She is an brunette with an grey eyes and now for the question you might be asking. Are those boobs real or fake? well unfortunately they are enhanced, but hey not all get massive tits by genetics. One thing she have is an amazing big perfect ass, hard to say it is real or not, but it definitely one peace of perfection there. When she start to strip those pants off, only word that comes to mind is wow. Usually when babes takes bras off and show such a big breasts as she have, eyes hardly go off of them anymore, but this babe is an exception in that. When she finally start to strip her pants off, eyes automatically transfer to her stunning booty…

she started her modeling career in the 2012 and have not posed so much for various magazines. All that could be found about her is in this gallery, but for sure gonna be added more in near future, when she will appear on the other magazines and with such young age and figure like she have, that will happen any time soon. For now enjoy what is collected here and try not to fall off your chair!

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