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Biography Information This super sexy babe have been born in the Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom 1987 and is an British glamour model and actress. She is an brunette with an brown eyes and for those who is wondering are those boobs fake or not… unfortunately they are enhanced. She have become known for her role in the Coronation Street where she played Tina. Before that show she tried to get into the soap Hollywoaks, but was not successful. Then on her second audition she got the part in the Coronation Street. She have also won an The British Soap Award for years 2009-2012. After she played the role of Tina six years, she finally decided that it is time to leave the soap, so that could focus more on other roles that there was available for her.

Not a long time ago this same babe was chosen as the World’s Hottest Woman and all that can be said is that her body is indeed a piece of art. When you see those beach photos, all there is to say is wow, how gorgeous her body is.

She tell that her beauty in the earlier years was not so perfect as now and she was kind of an ugly duck… she had overweight and braces, not only that, but she was also an geek and did not care how she looked. Well anyway now there is not a single pound of overweight and think that lots of girls in the world would kill to look like she.

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